Pee Pad Club

Replenishing dog pee pads automatically for Singapore’s wholesale and retail subscribers!

Experience the ease and convenience of automated pee pad replenishment. Subscribe to Pee Pad Club and let us take care of the mess, so you can focus on what matters most – creating joyful moments with your furry friends.

Why Choose Pee Pad Club?

✓ Automated Replenishment:

Subscribers receive timely and hassle-free deliveries of pee pads right to your doorsteps.

✓ Quality at Affordable Prices

Our quality pee pads provide comfort and protection at an affordable price.

✓ Adjustable Subscriptions

Wholesale and retail subscribers can choose the quantity, frequency, and type of pee pads that work best for you.

✓ B2B Partnerships

Veterinary clinics, pet hotels, pet daycares, salons and shelters rely on our pee pad replenishment solutions for their businesses.

✓ Diverse Clientele

Pee Pad Club is here to make life easier for all canine households and care professionals.

Who We Serve

Veterinary Clinics

Ensure a clean and comfortable environment for your furry patients.

Pet Hotels and Daycares

Simplify your operations with our hassle-free pee pad subscriptions.

Pet Salons

Keep your grooming areas clean and hygienic for both pets and staff.


Provide comfort to shelter animals awaiting their forever homes.


For puppy parents, senior dog lovers, and anyone needing pee pads at home – Pee Pad Club is your go-to solution.

How it Works

Step 1

Select pee pad size (eg. L, M, S) and type (eg. charcoal, non-charcoal)

Step 2

Select your replenishment frequency and volume

Step 3

Click Subscribe to set up your account for automated replenishment

Volume Guide

Pads Per Day

Pads Per Month (31 days)

Pads Per Quarter (3 Months)


31 (~2 packs)

93 (~6 packs)


62 (~4 packs)

186 (~12 packs)


93 (~6 packs)

279 (~18 packs)


124 (~8 packs)

372 (~24 packs)

Who We Serve

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About Us

Passion for Furries

Jean, our founder, embodies an unwavering passion for pets that drives every aspect of our business. With a heart devoted to the well-being of furry companions, her journey began with a simple yet profound love for animals. This passion fuels Jean’s commitment to providing the best products and services for pet owners, ensuring that every pup receives the care and comfort they deserve. Jean’s dedication to understanding the needs of pets and their owners inspires our team to continually innovate and elevate the pet care experience.

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