Pee Pad Subscription


Your first delivery will arrive during the first week of the following month (eg. Subscriptions made on March 2nd, 18th or 29th will receive first delivery during the first week of April).

Subsequent deliveries will be automated during the first week of each month or each quarter of the calendar year based on your frequency selection, which can be changed anytime.


Volume Guide:

Pads Per Day Pads Per Month (31 days) Pads Per Quarter (3 Months)
1 31 (~2 packs) 93 (~6 packs)
2 62 (~4 packs) 186 (~12 packs)
3 93 (~6 packs) 279 (~18 packs)
4 124 (~8 packs) 372 (~24 packs)
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